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The Open is just days away, CFP! We hope you all are signed up or going to sign up, it’s not too late! This is a great opportunity for all of our members to get together, cheer each other on, and have a good time. The Open is a WORLDWIDE competition. Meaning, a competition for all of us, no matter who we are or how long we have been doing CrossFit. This is a great way to challenge ourselves and see where we stack up against the rest of the world, not to mention the fittest on earth! Follow this link to sign up and watch a quick video packed with motivation. Most of us have found that The Open sparks a desire to compete that we may not have known we had prior to. If you fall into that category, we’ve got the perfect event for you. Our good friends at DCF are hosting “The Average Joe’s Competition” on Saturday, April 12th. DCF is notorious for putting on stellar competitions that are nothing short of a total blast. We hope to see some of our athletes out there representing! For more information, go to:

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Jay is on fire tonight #bridgetownbarbell #warmups #crossfit #fridaynightparty

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Come down and join us tomorrow for a FREE Saturday class at 9am!! If you are interested in checking out a class with CrossFit The Den now is the time to do it!! Kick off Memorial Day with a BANG and you can join us for another workout on Monday at 8am or 10am for our favorite "MURPH!" See you guys all tomorrow morning!! Prepare to Squat, Press, and Deadlift tomorrow :)

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TESTING NEXT WEEK (Mon,Wed,Thur and Fri)! Keep up the great work GUYS! Calling ALL athletes: Join us next Sat no am class on 5/30 for our annual StarLight WOD/ BBQ & toast to follow. All members are invited and encouraged to come. May 30th! Sat at 5pm! Bring some meat to grill or your favorite clean eating side dish! Time for some CFSWP FUN!

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Sweatshirt orders are in!!! We will get a typed up confirmation on Tuesday!

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COCF peeps we will have 1 class on Monday at 9am. Saturday 9am is still a go. We will be canceling pain storm next Saturday at 9am so that we can all watch and Cheer Cody on.

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Nice work 5am crew. Thanks for keeping me company.

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Rob working on his glenhumeral internal rotation....with a little help from a friend.

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Since your legs were sore....

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Don't forget on Monday only 1 class for the day. Murph at 10am with a BBQ to follow.

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Good Luck Charis! It's Show Time!! We're all routing for you!!! California Regionals Day 1! Coach Charis will be competing at 1:10 and 3:30 in Lane 3. Go to to stream! #Repost from @charischan with @repostapp••• This is really happening!! Thank you to all my sponsors who helped me get here @bmbx_athletics @wodshop, @virusintl for keeping my compression game on #Fleek, everyone at @BerkeleyCrossFit @maxsgym, my friends and family you guys always encourage me to keep going and follow my dreams. Alright... Time to have some fun #CrossFitGames #SuperRegionals #CaliforniaRegionals #LongHairDontCare #CharisChan

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Monday May 25th hours: 10am class only!

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Today's the day! Our very own Coach Bri will be competing!Heat 1, 9-9:20 watch live here:

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Friday's Bridgetown CrossFit WOD: Shoulder Prep 3 Rounds 12 Scap Dip + Knee Raises 30" Lower Leg Stretch 6/6 Arm Bar 8 Minute Block 800m Run AMRAP Dips 6 Minute Block 600m Run AMRAP Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

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It all gets started for Team EGA at 9:50am today. Tune in live at!

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Bridgetown CrossFit posted an article
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Beaverton CrossFit posted an article
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Hilary Wiebe published the post Why You Should be Competing on Tabata Times
So, as I write this, I am fresh off my second team competition, UG Series' Winterfest. And, as with...
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CrossFit 101 posted an article
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Friday WarmUp Row 500m QuickHip 2 Rounds 6 Inchworm+PushUp 8 BootStrap WarmUp DeadLift 1) DeadLift ** Base the percentages from 90% of your 1RM Set 1 75% x 5 reps Set 2 85% x 3 reps Set 3 95% x 1++ reps 2) "Diane" 21-15-9 Deadlift 225/155# (try 60% of set 3) HSPU GroupCoolDown “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth - not going all the way, and not starting.” - Buddha

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As much as 80% to 90% of YOUR success will come from how you approach your eating habits. This will affect not only the way you look – the reason most people workout – but also the way you FEEL with your workouts. An easy way to remember this is that FOOD IS FUEL and is meant to support your activities. Join us for our next Clean Eating Challenge at the kick off on June 7th at 3pm and look and feel your best this summer! Officially register at

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Coach Sarah's Day 1 (Friday) Heat Times at the CrossFit Games California Regional!

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Friday's WOD: TIER 1 A1. Deadlift 5RM A2. Handstand Practice B. 4 Rounds, 2:15 Each for Max Reps: Run 200m 12 Lunges Max Wall Balls TIER 2 A1. Deadlift 5RM A2. Handstand Practice B. 4 Rounds, 2:15 Each for Max Reps: Run 200m 20 Double Unders Max Push-Ups TIER 3 A1. Deadlift 5RM A2. Handstand Practice B. 4 Rounds, 2:15 Each for Max Reps: Run 200m 30 Double Unders Max Handstand Push-Ups *Part B: 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds

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Post WOD recovery

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Memorial Day Schedule: 9:30am and 10:30am regular group class only Strength: Deload Wk Deficit DL 40% x5 50% x5 60% x5 (% based on 90% of 1RM DL) -start with standing on 45# plates and go to smaller plates from there, must be able to maintain spine pos. WOD: FGB Style 3 rds: 1 min stations Sled push Tire flips… [ 44 more words. ]

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That's right; body weight week with the backsquat. Definitely easier than body weight cleans...are you ready for the challenge? 5 rnds of: 25 Push-ups 20 Body wt bk sqt 25 Sit-ups

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Darlene is a determined woman who made a decision to change her life and embark on a path to better health. She has put forth effort and commitment and has already achieved several goals. Today she graduated from Fundamentals! Congratulations Darlene! We can't wait to have you join us in group classes!

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Please subscribe to our events to stay informed of the exciting offerings that come up!

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5/21/15 #crossfitoakdale Thursday

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Happy Birthday Margit Pschick am Al Claxton For time Run 400m 21 Thruster (95/65) Run 800m 21 Thruster (95/65) Run 400m 50 Sit ups P.S Next Friday we are going to do a themed work out and the theme is going to be superheroes!

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